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^The tabloids are cowards and hypocrites for self-righteously going after the BBC as an institution even though there were people inside the BBC who should've known better about employing a dangerous conman and predator like Savile.

Now looking at this infamous Louis Theroux documentary from way back in 2000 and with the benefit of hindsight, I find it a fucking chilling watch (somewhat NSFW with some bad language):

When Louis Theroux Met Jimmy Savile

Aside from the two notable segments where Jimmy Savile's mask was obviously slipping at the 22:30 and 44:00 mark (with real WTF incriminating remarks) there were also many other things that were really off about the guy: his extreme self-aggrandizement, subtle threatening, and domineering personality (he somehow got Louis Theroux's address without permission, rudely woke up Louis Theroux too early in the morning, and speaking abrubtly to some hospital employee over the phone). Then there's the packet of condoms for a cruise, his two extremely sinister/odd looking minions he depended on (Jim the Pill at 12:20 and Antony at 36:30), and of course a tour around his preserved apartment that he used to live in with his mother (at 26:00).

Surely none of you don't hear Bernard Herrmann music when you see Savile dote over his dead mother's photos and other effects? He had a pathological bond with his dead mother, so he was incapable of forming any meaningful relationship with mature women, becoming a abusive sexual predator towards underaged girls instead.

He seemed to be a sociopath:

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