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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Just an observation after reading G-Mans description. the thing thats always bothered me in these apocalyptic stories that whenever human society appear on the verge of extinction due to zombies, plague, etc (see also Children of Men). That the first things humans do instead of working together is to go militant, break up into small tribes, and get to work killing one another off at an even faster rate. Its as if human beings just can't wait to go rushing back to the stone age.
Unfortunately history has taught us that this is exactly what would happen. The perfect example was post Katrina New Orleans. It did not take very long for things to completely fall apart in the absense of a central authority.

One of the downsides of promoting individualism is the fact that in a crunch people immediately start thinking about themselves.

This is a particularly bad habit in the US and other places that have tended to hostile to the very idea of promoting the virtue of communal needs. That's why, come even a hint of the apocalypse the US will be one of the first places to fall apart. We are a fractious society that has long sense abandoned the idea of "the common good."

It would be interesting to see how these stories would play out in places like Japan where there is more of a communal spirit/social consciousness. How would a society where old people volunteer to go into a damaged nuclear power plant in order to spare the lives of younger would they deal with the walking dead?
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