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Re: TNG Caption This! 287: More Blu-Ray!

Picard: I'm ordering you to "take care" of her when she beams on board, Mr Data.
Data: As you wish captain. I will demonstrate how fully functional I am to Lwaxana.
Picard: ..... actually that might work too.

LaForge: Hey there are flowers next to Commander Riker's chair. I wonder who left them there?
Data: It is a most intruging mystery. Perhaps Commander Riker has a secret admirer.
Yar: -screams- A little help here?!

Picard: Damn it all! I will prevail no matter how long it takes!
Troi: What's the matter?
Yar: The captain's playing Angry Birds again.

Riker's Trombone: Yeah, it's a metaphor for something.

LaForge: My head hurts. Worf can you do something?
Worf: My job is to stand back here until someone dies. Then take their spot. You are not dead yet.
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