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Re: Interesting blog on younger people not connecting with older movie

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Yeah, I couldn't really find a good way to phrase that. I meant, if you showed it to a classroom of college students in their early twenties today for the first time, I think they (or at least many of them) would have a different reaction than 20-somethings watching it for the first time in 1988. This is just a guess of course, but I feel like musicals have come back into fashion lately so they are likely to be more accepting of it.
OK, I got you. You could be right about that. Musicals were pretty far out of fashion when I was a teen, really the only recent ones that had caught on were Grease and the Blues Brothers.

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Yep, exactly. It's the frame of reference that has shifted. That's not to say that we can't enjoy them, but that someone who hasn't had much exposure to it to begin with, that it's more effort, especially when they're not familiar with cultural references that aren't relevant to them. Personally, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them, but that it just takes more effort to get into them. There are some that are easy to get, like It's A Wonderful Life, because it's a timeless message not shrouded in culture.
It's interesting... I grew up watching movies that were way older than my frame of reference, and even though I didn't get all the references I could usually get a feel for the underlying meaning. But, did I have an advantage because when I grew up I was exposed to older media a lot more than a younger person would be now?

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Another example is American Graffiti. Brilliant movie in its own right, and my Dad loves watching it whenever he can, but personally it's a movie I find myself hard to get into precisely because it's not culturally relevant to me. I think it's a movie that means more to someone who's lived through the era. Personally though, I don't get much out of it.
That's a little surprising to me. The main characters in that movie would've been a few years older than my parents so obviously I didn't live through the era. But I love that movie and always have, and my son likes it a lot. I would have guessed that the characters and their personalities and problems were fairly universal.

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