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Re: TV Ratings, Oct 8-14

Revolution and Go On will continue to slip over the season but its CBS I was mainly focusing on. ..

While TBBT is no doubt very very safe and even Two & Half Men, the latter is a mere shadow of it past self and erosion will occur from every year on from now IMO. Hawaii Five-O can't break past a 2.0 demo and The Mentalist (in a bad time slot) has even worser problems. The Good Wife (which should be in the 10pm slot) scored recently a 1.7 in the demo. Vegas is on the way to being cancelled by May and Elementary start has been lackluster too. Mike & Molly will never be the smash hit CBS wants it to be but will easily last 5 years.

All am saying is CBS weathered the issues networks were facing quite well but now even they are seeing worrying erosion in yearly auduences.
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