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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

One show that is showing that a new Trek might be feasible in the US (as Dr. Who does for the UK) and how to approach it is Falling Skies. Their seasons are 10 episodes each so far, which is a little short even for modern shows but points to the 10-15 show seasons being a modern sweet spot. Their ratings are good enough to get a third season, and while it isn't loaded with twisting-phasering-exploding spaceships, it still has a reasonable amount of effects for Sci Fi (it has been pointed out that investors might be scared since special effects cost $$$). Obviously, broadcast is out, but a station that can reair/marathon the episodes to get use out of them for continual ad money, plus enough of a possible viewer base would be an ideal target stations. I guess TBS/TNT are probably on standard cable for all huge providers and can get casual viewer, but don't know if SyFy is well carried or can get out of its image of being a niche broadcaster. I don't know how FS does on DVD/iTunes resell for residuals, or what longer term syndication plans there are, or if Spielberg backing is what is carrying it, but there should be something there that can be taken away for a new Trek.
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