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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Revenge of the Cybermen (Fourth Doctor).

I was forced to skip over The Sontaran Experiment and Genesis of the Daleks since the library doesn't have copies of either. An excellent story featuring the cyberman design I remember from the Doctor Who on PBS days. The Doctor had quite a few good one-liners in this one.

"Careful, careful! I might explode."

"Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!"

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I've seen every available Second Doctor serial now except The Invasion and The Krotons.
Ooh! "The Invasion" is my all-time favorite story of any era. Between the 2nd Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, the Brigadier, the introduction of UNIT, and the excellent Tobias Vaughn as the villain, it simply hits on all cylinders. Plus, the animated reconstructions of Parts 1 & 4 are very well done, with a stylish noir feel that almost eclipses the episodes the still exist.
I'm looking forward to The Invasion with the first appearance of UNIT but I'll probably have to buy it in order to see it. The Krotons is the only one of the two serials I mentioned that the library has a copy of.
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