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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

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I just got curious and googled "12th doctor", just to see what kind of ideas are out there (and there are plenty). Through that search, I found this quite minimalistic facebook page:

Facebook| David Tennant Should be the 12th Doctor

Now, aside from the personal likes or dislikes of Tennant's Doctor, would something like this even be possible? Could the Doctor regenerate into a body he's had before? If so, could this be a chance for Paul McGann to get another shot at this? Or shouldn't this even be considered? And if, which one would you like to see again? Which one would be conceivable (considering the actors do age)?

Let the discussion begin!
If I remember corrrectly there was a rumor when Peter Davison was leaving that Jon Pertwee would come bck and play the sixth Doctor. So it's not a new idea but I don't see it happening this time though.
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