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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #63: Welcome Aboard!

Bashir and O'Brien agreed to never play the XCOM holonovel on Classic difficulty with Ironman mode and the command staff as characters after the base assault mission killed everyone but them.

Sisko: Gentlemen, you are all here for a reason. You all participated in a plot to embarrass the Kai... and you failed to embarrassed Kai Winn enough to get rid of her. What do you have to say for yourselves?

Quark: Alright Constable, I'll tell you where I got the jujubes... and the dozens of data rods that I used to distribute all those erotic holonovels involving you and Major Kira.

-Lt. Commander Eddington panicked and took a reaction shot!
-Major Kira is stunned.

Jake and Bashir, on their lonely quest for the Holy Grail, discover a new member just off camera.
A business man and engineer discuss how to launch a communications satellite in the 1960s:
Biz Dev Guy: Your communications satellite has to be the size, shape, and weight of a hydrogen bomb.
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