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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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Nothing in the dialogue mentions or even suggests "preparation". Got a quote?
I just choose to interpret the applicable bits the right way.
Yes your interpretation, but no dialogue. I'd buy into your interpretation if there was just a shred of dialogue support into the episode. However, there doesn't appear to be any.

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"We'll need somebody in the pod for readings."

Not for taking the readings, but to facilitate the getting of readings by priming the system.
He should've of said, "We'll need somebody to prep the pod for readings."

Timo wrote: View Post
"Report to pod for reading on ion plates."

Clearly, the futuristic act of "reading on" primes the plates.
He should've said, "Report to pod for readying the plates for launching."

Timo wrote: View Post
"Finney here, Captain. Ion readings in progress."

But other systems still need priming.
He should've said, "Finney here, Captain. Ion readings in progress. Ready to launch as soon as I get clear."

Timo wrote: View Post
"Make it fast, Ben. I may have to go to Red Alert."
Kirk should've said, "Finney, where's my damn ion pod!?"

Timo wrote: View Post
And that marks the point where we deploy and run, ready or not. Note that Kirk does not say anything even remotely like "I may have to jettison the pod".
And that is where Kirk is forced to jettison the pod, not deploy and run. If they could've fired an automated ion probe into the storm they would've. But since they have a guy manually taking readings indicate that they are unable to automate the process. And with that, there would be no way a jettisoned ion pod could've gathered and saved any data for later retrieval or even send telemetry to the ship.

Timo wrote: View Post
Nothing of the sort was ever stated. Instead, Kirk made clear that the storm was a threat to his ship, quite regardless of pods or other factors. And then he said that when the storm got worse still, he had to jettison the pod. Which is fully consistent with jettisoning being the climax of the mission, something Kirk was anxious to do because it would allow him to save his ship by sailing out of the storm.
That's not true. If the storm did not get worse, they would've kept the pod and sailed out of it. Would the ship have been damaged, probably. Would the ship have been destroyed? No.

But with the storm worsening, the pod was the danger and it had to be jettisoned. That was the emergency as stated in the episode. Jettisoning it saved the ship. Was the ship still damaged? Yes, but that was to be expected.

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The very reason that Kirk is on trial is because he is being blamed for jettisoning the ion pod before an emergency.
Nope, he's on trial because Finney is dead, and evidence suggests both that Kirk didn't give Finney a warning necessary for his survival, and that Kirk had a motive to hold back the warning and cause Finney's death.
That's not what the episode dialogue states. He's on trial because Kirk perjured himself and jettisoned the pod in a non-emergency situation, which caused Finney's death.
STONE: Then, Captain, I must presume you've committed willful perjury.This extract from your computer log says you jettisoned the pod before going to Red Alert. Consider yourself confined to the base. Official inquiry will determine whether a general court martial is in order.

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