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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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They believe that certain things are fated to happen, regardless of if it makes sense. They even said that time tries to repair itself, which is basically mumbo jumbo for fate, not determinism.
Orci: "For all those decrying fate, there is actually a quantum mechanical basis for the “fate function” in this film that we have discussed previously. In a multiverse where, as Data once said “anything that can happen, does happen, in a parallel universe…” there is a probability (a number) associated with each possible configuration. Those events that are most probable are theorized to occur more often in more similar universes. Thus, the idea that Kirk and Spock and Bones come together is merely an indication that the probability assigned to such an event is very high in the multiverse. Some may mistake this for blind fate."
If he's referring to the Many Worlds theory, the probability should be 100% and therfore fair game for a movie. Abrams can point the camera anyplace he chooses, and with infinite parallel realities from which to choose, any sequence of events a screenwriter can think of will be happening somewhere, for him to film.

Of course this is not how time travel has worked in Star Trek to date, but since when has logical consistency stopped the writers? They havent been particularly consistent before now.
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