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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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That there is a list of crewmen that take turns to go into the ion pod
...To prepare it for each sortie into an ion storm - a sortie that never lasts long enough to involve multiple crew.

The task falls on a qualified person who isn't tasked with something else at the time; the duty roster exists for that very reason. The alternative would be to have a dedicated pod-preparing person, which would be really silly if the task calls for the expertise of a Lieutenant Commander or even a Lieutenant. You don't tie down somebody of that caliber with a single duty; you rotate your personnel resources.
And inside the pod they take readings
...They prep the pod so that as the end result, readings are in progress, and will continue to do so throughout the flight of the pod.
Nothing in the dialogue mentions or even suggests "preparation". Got a quote?

Also, what was the pod going to do once jettisoned? We know that ion storms wreak havoc with equipment making them unreliable or inoperative. That's probably why they need a guy in the pod just to "take readings" as said in the episode and not a guy remotely connected to it via a long control circuit/cable.

Jettisoning the ion pod would gain them no additional sensor information or scientific purpose. But, the episode made it clear that keeping the pod attached during an emergency would've destroyed the ship.

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...It must be jettisoned before an emergency.
Whoa Timo, if that was true, then there would be no trial!

The very reason that Kirk is on trial is because he is being blamed for jettisoning the ion pod before an emergency.
SHAW: Freeze that! If the court will notice, the log plainly shows the defendant's finger pressing the jettison button. The condition signal reads Yellow Alert. Not red alert, but simply Yellow Alert. When the pod containing Lieutenant Commander Finney was jettisoned, the emergency did not as yet exist.
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Nothing in the dialogue explicitly indicates that the pod would be a danger to the ship. So that silly idea is best dropped regardless of what interpretation we choose.
If the pod was no danger to the ship then why do they need to eject it only in an emergency?
KIRK: I agree. I waited until the last possible moment. We were on Red Alert. The storm got worse. I had to jettison the pod.

SPOCK: It reports that the jettison button was pressed before the Red Alert.
SHAW: In other words, it reports that Captain Kirk was reacting to an extreme emergency that did not then exist.

KIRK: Given the same circumstances I would do the same thing without hesitation, because the steps I took in the order I took them were absolutely necessary if I were to save my ship. And nothing is more important than my ship.
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