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Re: TOS Revisited - New Revelations

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I wish the writers, directors or Roddenberry could have said, "pull it back to a slightly more serious tone" and TOS wouldn't be laced with those roll your eyes acting moments.
A lot of what makes the second season great to me is the familiarity and banter between the characters. Shatner didn't really go sailing over the top regularly until the third season when bad directors failed to keep him in check.

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I almost think if TOS had been cancelled sooner--it would ironically have been remebered more fondly and held in higher esteem.
When wasn't Trek fondly remembered? It was "the show that would not die," which never left the air after it entered syndication. It became the template for every SF tv series in the 70's (until Star Wars came out), the comparison they had to live up to ("will Space: 1999 inherit the Star Trek crown?" "it lacks the personalities of Star Trek..." etc).

It was already held in high esteem. The third season didn't drag it down, in fact much of the third season provided concepts and character which were greatly loved by fans, especially in the 70's.

It survived quite well with three seasons and I'm happy to have even the crummy episodes. Yes, indeedy.

The only time I remember TOS getting dissed was when TNG was at its peak. Then TNG went away and the original series regained respect. It's a fickle public.

And what's more, people tend to parrot what they are told. They talk about Shatner being over-the-top, like he was the only big name of that period to perform that way? Have they seen Jack Klugman go at it? I could drop ten more names from that period that loved to ham it up and go loudly over-the-top and really, the difference is Shatner is known more for it because he was in an ATG television show that blazed a trail - and a VERY BIG part of the reason that show went down that way, arguably the way of entertainment genius, was because of what he [Shatner] added to it.
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