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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

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Really though, I'm just not sure there's enough interest in an age of hundreds of channels in a basic cable package for a new Trek series. Let's face it, we are a rather targeted audience and it's a lot easier for the people who might casually like it to flip the channel when they have a 100+ other choices at any given time they might like better.
You've got it backwards, the more options there are, the more important it is that any given option be something that really appeals directly to some audience. Lukewarm-appeal, "it's good enough" shows are the ones that will increasingly struggle in the future.

When there were just three channels, the choices at any given time might be a Western, a sitcom and a cop show. If you wanted something else, tough. You picked from those options whatever was the least bad approximation of what you really wanted.

The more options there are, the more you can get what you really want. Audiences are less and less inclined to compromise. The broadcast networks are continuing to see big ratings declines because they havent adjusted to start making more niche content. Financially, they might not be able to.

This is a great environment for Star Trek, a product with strong niche appeal - for those who like it, there's nothing lukewarm about it - that is well known even outside the niche, so that it can cut thru the clutter and be found even among countless options. The bad news is the budget problem, for which there may or may not be a solution, such as: distribute to a larger global audience; get more revenue from ancillary products; do an animated series.
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