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Re: Problem I had with "By Any Other Name"

Timo wrote: View Post
Well, "The Apple" featured cartloads of quite comical deaths (redshirt replaced by a stain on the ground) at the start, and lots of sex education -themed giggling later on, plus the destruction of a way of life via the destruction of a papier-mache monster. ...

Also, the coda to an episode was rather seldom in the mood of the episode itself anyway. But it always served the higher purpose of making it clear that our heroes would face no consequences of any sort, and there would never be a sequel.
I remember reading a story where Kirk did reap the consequences of his actions. Because the weather was no longer controlled, the planet's seasons naturally reasserted themselves and fall came. The leaves turned and fell, the weather got colder... and the people of Vaal panicked, since nobody had bothered to explain all this to them. They didn't know that the cycle of seasons is natural and that summer would have returned. They thought the world was ending, so they all killed themselves.

Knight Templar wrote: View Post
I agree at the change in tone halfway through the episode.

When they notice the Kelvin (Tomar I think) loving the human style food and Scotty taking him to his quarters to get him drunk, the whole thing becomes a farce in my opinion.

I think that the writer realized that he had written the Kelvans as being so powerful that he was going to have to write a "humorous victory" over them as it was fairly obvious that there was no way Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and McCoy had any chance of overcoming them any other way.

Much like lots of the other "victories" over very powerful aliens (such as Q) involved humorous situations.
Well, if you can't fight them with logic or might, fight them with whatever they can't counter... like BS.

izarian wrote: View Post
I've always felt the crushing of Yeoman Thompson to be one of the most callous murders in all of TOS. Also, after the kelvins reduce the whole crew to foam cubes and since the trip to Andromeda would take 300 years it stands to reason that the kelvins never intended to restore the crew...ever. So after the crew is reduced to foam cubes what did the kelvins do with the cubes??? Just throw them someplace out of the way? Could the crew keep in cube form for 300 years?
I'm surprised nobody was seen picking them up; it's a wonder they weren't accidentally stepped on.

I should hope that Kirk and the others carefully gathered up all the crew and put them away somewhere in a closet or box where they'd be safe from being broken. And of course, I'd hope they were set back in a big enough space when they were restored to human form.

Knight Templar wrote: View Post
Wingsley wrote: View Post
Knight Templar wrote: View Post
It is possible that the Enterprise Warp 11 speed was NEVER supposed to be sustained very long. That it was just to get safely through the barrier and that afterwards, as stresses built up, perhaps over days or even just hours, the the Kelvans began to "throttle back" to a more reasonable sustained speed.
The problem with that: Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light-years away, and if the Enterprise is going to make it there in 300 years, it would have to sustain double-digit warp factors greater than 11.
Depends on the Warp scale you use. None was ever given for the Original series.

For example in That Which Survives, Warp 8.4 was apparently capable of taking the Enterprise 880 light years in less than half a day.
Obviously, Voyager should have used the latter warp scale, then. They'd have been home much faster!

So if Tom and Janeway turned into lizards because they went faster than Warp 10, what's the TOS-equivalent of that? Why didn't everybody turn into a lizard?

Criticism aside, "By Any Other Name" was the very first Star Trek episode I ever saw all the way through. I remember thinking it "wasn't too bad."
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