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Re: Peanuts movie coming to theaters in 2015

the G-man wrote: View Post
Trying to do Charlie Brown in 3D or anything other than flat line art just doesn't work. Schulz's minimalist style only translates to 2D. Anything else looks creepy.
I largely agree with this, except that I found the trailers for Snoopy Flying Ace to be effective -- Linus was a barkeep, talking about the exploits of the Legendary Flying Ace, and it was all done as 3-D CGI.

Obviously, I'd prefer cel animation, but that's not what the studio they're partnered with does.

My Son the Vampire wrote: View Post
Everyone knew the Peanuts comic strip would end when Charles Schultz died. The strip was such a personal creation, no one else could possibly have continued it.

Well, at least this project has the involvement of Schultz's progeny, so I'm hoping for the best.
The original Peanuts comics from BOOM! Studios have been surprisingly good. Happiness is a Warm Blanket worked a lot better than I thought it would. The impression I have is that the Schulz family is treating the comic strip as a completed canon while recognizing that they need to do other things in other media to keep Peanuts as an ongoing and thriving concern.
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