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Re: Did we ever see anyone vote in the Federation?

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Going way back, in Spock's World, Vulcan had a vote on whether to remain in the Federation. And we learned that Vulcan has a 100% voter turnout.
I wonder why? Is it logical to assume that your one vote out of billions will make a difference? Or is it simply a Vulcan's civic duty to vote, and it is illogical to ignore your civic duty?
Yes it is logical to assume one vote can make a difference, after all in order to win an election all you need do to is get more votes than the other candiates.

It doesn't matter if thats 1 vote or 1 billion votes, the result is the same.

Elections have been determined by the cut of a deck of cards, because one or more candiates got an equal number of votes. So your one vote could have changed that result.
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