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I would think that after the subspace damage warp causes was discovered, a ban would be placed on all warp travel in systems (especially inhabited ones), so as to not damage local ecosystems, etc.
The effect appears to be minimal, though. If it creates observable damage after, say, ten thousand years of normal traffic (or a hundred years of traffic in the Hekaras Corridor which is an exceptional phenomenon squeezing all the traffic for that system into a single lane), then a ban might serve no purpose. In those ten thousand years, technology to reverse the damage would be discovered, or traffic could be stopped 9,000 years into the process.

I think that was "By Inferno's Light". Dax did seem to balk at that although Kira didn't think it would be a problem.
The bigger problem is that a supposedly perfectly ordinary stellar explosion would pose a risk to perfectly warp-capable starships about twice as far from the star than Bajor is. Surely those ships could get their engines up and running in the 15-20 minutes it takes for the explosion to reach DS9?

Mind you, this is an explicitly mentioned threat that comes atop the fact that Bajor itself would fry. So the explosion has to be stopped in any case, but the explicit mention makes the warp limitation issue more intriguing.

We should remember here that Bajor has extremely severe "space weather". It was a central plot point in "Invasive Procedures" and "Things Past", manifesting as special limitations that applied only during those two episodes. Quite possibly, then, "By Inferno's Light" is a third episode where the Bajoran star is misbehaving and making subspace around it difficult to warp through.

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