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Re: TP: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I think a better fix for BillJ's predicament would be to have an ebook novella line like SCE again. I don't mind long books, but I can see wanting a quick fix now and then to have some variety or a buffer between the longer stuff.
I like novels fine, I just hate novels where the pacing is like molasses. That is where Plagues... failed for me, the over emphases on minute details just drug the story to a halt for me in several places.

I like 100,000 word novels and I like 65,000 word novels. But what I hate is when a 100,000 word novel felt like it could've been done in 65,000 words.

EDIT: Doing some elementary math, Plagues... comes in at around 130,000 words while Brinkmanship is roughly 75,000 words.
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