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Re: Interesting blog on younger people not connecting with older movie

I struggle with this, as I do find older movies/television series hard to connect with. For instance, I've watched a few of the old Doctor Who serials on Netflix and find them very slow paced. I've accepted the low budget special effects and I don't laugh at it, but I have trouble engaging with it. Oddly enough, I love 2001 for its slow pace, go figure.

As for the laughter, I think we have to take into account that those old Bond films have been parodied and spoofed throughout the 50 years since they premiered. I'd wager that many of those laughing have seen at least one of the Austin Powers movies and were primed to laugh at how serious it was taking itself.

As for the anecdote about Singing in the Rain, I think that teacher was approaching it from the wrong angle. Perhaps he should have tried Grease, which was only 10 years old at the time after Singing in the Rain to see if those students had the same reaction. I also wonder how he feels about Glee, since it often uses that same trope of people talking and then suddenly launching into song. Is he one of those who hate it on principle or does he get some vindication of how it is presenting the musical format to today's generation. I also wonder if he tried the same lesson if the reactions would be the same from today's students.

And there is something to the fact that this person is judging others for their opinion and yet, not realizing that it is just that: an opinion. Is it the fact that they were disrupting the movie experience for him (in my opinion, a valid sentiment) or is he upset that others don't feel the way he does (less valid, in my opinion).
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