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Re: Anyone else watching Homeland S2 ?

Do I need a spoiler tag?

Anyway. The only thing that bothered me somewhat in the premiere was to see Carrie flung back into the action rather quickly. There should have been no way that the CIA would want to be near her, yet they go begging to her? And poor Carrie is actually making a go of her life, yet felt she needed to help.

I was just slightly worried that it was all going to be resolved in the way 24 would often forget things. Jack spending 18 months being tortued by the Chinese is one of my favourite 'shrug it off' moments.

Maybe I'm being foolish. I hope so! I'm still looking forward to the 2nd episode. I mean yeah I was unsure if Carrie doing her thing, but seeing her crack a smile as she got her groove back was a mighty satisfying moment.
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