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Ian Keldon
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How can any decent person be a SW stormtrooper fan?

I was watching a documentary about the warcrimes and atrocities of the regular (that is, non SS) divisions of the Wehrmacht in World War II and it just hit me. These are the same type of people that would have made up the Imperial Army in the Star Wars universe. Fanatical, genocidal fascists who enslaved entire worlds, destroyed entire races at the command of their evil Sith Emperor.

The Nazi version of Stormtroopers (the SS) were the worst of the whole evil organization. They were responsible for, among other atrocities, the operation of the death camps.

So why would any person with a functioning soul want to be a fan of the Star Wars universe equivalent? The organized SW Imperial fandom, the 501st, explicitly takes it's name from the most infamous of all stormtrooper divisions, being the one that prosecuted the genocide against the Jedi.

It makes me sick in the heart now to see stormtrooper fans parading around in their SW Nazi uniforms and acting like there's nothing wrong with it.

In real life, if someone wanted to start a fanclub for the
SS-Totenkopfverbände (the "Death's Head" Division, responsible for carrying out the Final Solution), we'd call them at best ignorant.

Next time you see one of these fools at a con, ask them if they really understand the statement they are making by parading around as Space Nazis.
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