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Re: Problem I had with "By Any Other Name"

Which was a recurring problem for TNG and VOYAGER in particular. When you develop technobabble-dar as I have, it's obvious the engineers AFTER Scotty have been saddled with time-filling chaff to the expense of meaningful things like characterization and relevant plot. So many of Geordi's dialogue comes down to ''If we can (FILL IN THE BLANK)'' and is usually snooze-inducing. Scotty never set out to bore the audience. You could completely understand his technical terminology and it was never just cut and pasted in by lazy writers.

Had Rojan decided to pull a mass neutralizing operation on Picard's ENTERPRISE, would the ship's counselor be considered remotely essential? Or, since TNG's ship is slightly more automated, would chief engineers, doctors and first officers still be allowed to exist? I'm not sure about Worf's value since he gets flipped around a lot, but besides Picard and Data, I can't see the Kelvans needing anybody. They can't necessarily transform Data into the six-sided dried cocaine block anyhow. If they somehow did, what could Picard do other than bore the Kelvans to death?


ROJAN: ''You will now surrender your ship to me.''
PICARD: ''Very well.''
ROJAN: ''I won't have to use my field?''
PICARD: ''No. You forget I previously surrrendered my ship 15 minutes into my very first adventure to a soap opera actor in a funny hat.''
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