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I've benn over this ground enough before. I know B.S. when I smell it and nothing has changed. ENT is its own thing and no one is beholden to it including its stupid contrivances.
No one except the writers of the tie-in novels, comics, videogames and sequels set in that continuity.
And "future generations" can ignore this just as I do the way makers of a lot of current Trek ignored TOS.
Really, taking the entirety of Trek canon into account (as a prequel is obliged to do, although adittedly Enterprise didn't do it enough, this time they got it right), such a contrived solution was the only possible explanation. They couldn't say Klingons had an integrated multispecies empire when we'd never seen another Klingon race in 40 years of Klingon-centric episodes, or after Kor, Kang and Koloth appeared in Deep Space Nine sporting the TNG Klingon forehead and after "Trials and Tribble-ations" made the change into something more than a real-life makeup upgrade.

Was it a story that "had" to be told? Not really, but I thought it was fun.
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