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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

The cost of attending graduate school for a master's degree in physics varies according to the program and institution. For example, enrolling in Columbia University's master's program in physics costs more than $18,000 per semester. Meanwhile, the same type of program at a state university, such as Stony Brook University, may only cost a little over $8,000 per year for a New York resident.References:

Columbia University: Student Financial Services Tuition & Fees
Stony Brook University: Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

American Institute of Physics: Home
That's 6 to ten years depending how far they took it.

2 semesters a year, 6 years, 18 grand a semester... $216,000.

Well that's an imaginary number that doesn't include drawing a living allowance from their loan or interest.

Raj would have just paid his automatically and as a foreigner, his course wouldn't be subsidized by the government, so his fees would actually be 5 to 10 times greater than a US citizens.

Meanwhile there is no way that Sheldon didn't have a thousand and one scholarships.
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