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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Hatari! - DVD
Bachelorette - free admission
Hotel Transylvania 3D - free admission
Looper - free admission
Won't Back Down - free admission
Taken 2 - free admission
Pitch Perfect - free admission
Frankenweenie 3D - free admission
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - free admission
Miami Connection (1987) - employee screenin'
Salt - DVD
The House at the End of the Street - theater
Wake in Fright - free admission
Sinister - free admission

Went to Drafthouse South Lamar for two movies last night & tonight after work.

Last night was Wake in Fright, an Australian film from 1971, about a school teacher on a misguided holiday. I wanted to see it because its a film that's been "lost" for forty years and 'cause it had Donald Pleasance (the Halloween franchise) in it.

Not too bad a movie, really...

Tonight was Sinister, about a demonic force unleashed through "found footage". It was co-written by the guy who used to write for Ain't It Cool News under the name "Massawyrm" and he was there for a Q&A after the movie.

Again, not bad for a horror film, though I continue to wonder why no one in scary movies knows how to turn on a light.

Thinkin' I'll go see a documentary filmed at Fort Hood tomorrow, it's about how the current war veterens are copin' with their returns home.

And Monday night will be a double feature of Here Comes the Boom & Argo.
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