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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Just wondering if anyone else has this concern, after searching a bit...seems that episode trailers are no longer a regular thing on Clone Wars? In the last season, around the time of the Krell storyline, they stopped the longtime practice of showing a trailer of next week's action at the end of the episode, and kept repeating the same preview for that arc. Then, Cartoon Network stopped showing any kind of preview for the next episodes, and started promoting other shows instead.

This season, at the end of "War on Two Fronts", again there was no episode preview. and the Cartoon Network site posts brief single-scene clips, but it isn't the same as a nice episode trailer. It helps to see the points of interest for the next installment.

On other networks, the absence of an episode trailer typically means that next week is a repeat or a preemption. Strange how they don't bother to entice viewers to return next week, and not give an inkling of what's happening next.
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