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I was at a convention in Minneapolis last weekend, and I made it into a couple of pictures. Here's one... I'm on the far left, standing:

Part of what's fun about this convention is that it's in a different city every year, so we get to visit a lot of places. And because it's not a large con (about 300 people), I've made a lot of friends from all over North America. In that photo are people from Atlanta, Boston, Raleigh, and Minneapolis, and I also got to see friends from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Jersey, Washington, Blacksburg, Winnipeg, and other places that are escaping my mind right now.

The only other picture I'm in (that's been posted so far), I'm in profile. Therefore, this is the photo that has finally convinced me that I need to lose 30 or 40 pounds...

I know there's at least one other photo that I was in, but I haven't seen a copy yet.

After getting back, I had dinner one night this week with an old friend who had moved to Vancouver roughly 20 years ago, and I hadn't seen him since then. We went to a brew pub near where I used to live - they make some mighty fine beers there. My friend is on the left, and his brother (whom I met that night) is on the right:

Edit: I just realized the coincidence in my posting these photos. The con had an apocalyptic theme, hence the pink radioactivity symbol in the con's logo, pictured on my friend's T-shirt in that second photo. Goes nicely with the fallout shelter photo above.
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