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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

I could barely get through this episode--the pointless death of a plot device=Maggie, the bland characters, the aimlessness, the lack of urgency in storytelling, the silliness of a tornado, no compelling villain. I'm done. Yet another epic mystery series that sucks--well at least it isn't alone--Last Resort, Caprica, V, Flash Forward, Alcatraz, Persons Unknown, Harpers Island, Surface, Invasion, The Event, The River, Vanished, Reunion, The Nine, Heroes, Kidnapped, Once Upon a Time can keep it company.

Now will networks finally realize these type of shows just don't work and go back to more basic, open-premised, shows with smaller more interesting characters and more streamlined season long arcs like many primetime dramas used in the 80s and 90s before LOST came along and everyone wants to do a LOST type serial with large casts, non linear storytelling, boring flashbacks, interconnectedness, too densely plotted to give a scene enough room to breathe etc.
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