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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

111. Argo (A)

Ben Affleck continues to impress as a director. It's always a challenge to turn an event where everybody knows the ending, but he pulls if off here, and with a minimum of contrivance (the climax is made a lot more of a close call than I imagine it was in real life, but it never detracts from the film; one could easily imagine this was what was going through the escapees' heads as they were waiting in the airport). It's all in the editing, really, and an excellent cast of low-key actors (including Affleck himself, who smartly never overplays his own character's heroism). It's also fun to see Victor Garber, Affleck's "father-in-law", appearing in one of his films, playing Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor. John Goodman and Alan Arkin have the showiest parts, in the heavily satirical Hollywood portion of the movie.

I'd rank this above The Town but below Gone Baby Gone in Affleck's filmography.

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