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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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A club like that for Star Wars isn't really out of the realm of possibility, though. Hasbro is doing the same thing with Transformers and G.I. Joe. If those are hits, maybe a Star Wars one could be in the future.
I suppose Hasbro could always try such a concept by skipping over any and all mass retail figures no matter how scarce and/or popular and offering brand new, exclusive figures that will only be available through their special online club (and, of course, later on through sites like eBay though they wouldn't mention that) and would never see the light of day at retail. That way there'd be no messy and controversial fan's vote for the super popular or hard-to-find retail figure that they'd like to see offered online to the exclusion of others that might actually have a wider fanbase but just didn't get enough votes.

That's exactly what their G.I. Joe and Transformers clubs are, and what Mattel's Club Infinite Earths and Club Eternia (Masters of the Universe) are. The figures here aren't picked from the retail lines, they are exclusive figures made strictly for these clubs. Mattel does offer very limited quantities of each through MattyCollector on their monthly sale day, but they always sell out within hours. Also, the club subscribers do get an exclusive figure that is never offered through MattyCollector.
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