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Re: Did Insurrection kill the TNG franchise?

The discussion on the aesthetic appearance of the Enterprise D vs E is mostly moot. Some people will like/dislike one or the other, some will like both, it's mostly a matter of opinion. I liked the D better, but the E didn't really bother me. There's nothing to prove my position save my personal likes and dislikes and they won't apply to everyone else.

I will agree that the Enterprise D's death was very unsatisfying. It definitely could have been done better, but since this is a thread about Insurrection I won't get off into that.

Did Insurrection kill the TNG movie franchise? In a word, no. Sure, I'll agree it was the worst of the four TNG movies, but the fact that Nemesis(however you feel about it) was made a few years later, indicates the franchise survived. Honestly I say Insurrection could have been the most kick ass movie ever and Nemesis still would have been the end of TNG's run. Even if it wasn't a flop. The cast was simply getting too old and it was showing.

If Insurrection and especially Nemesis did better, Enterprise may have benefited from that with better ratings however.
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