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Nice tat, TSQ, If I were to get a text tattoo it would say "Fate is monstrous and empty."
Nice choice!

So, as I type this the nebulous, itchy joy of Vicodin is setting in after the last (and worst) of my wisdom teeth was finally removed. It's been a ten year drama: the first came out at 19, and for various reasons and because of various complications they've been out one at a time. It took an hour and was godawful, despite the incredible kindness and patience of my dentist and the dental assistants.
I am somewhat self-pleased at how impressed my dentist was with my pain tolerance. Apparently I have very high cheekbones which for some reason makes it hard to get the anesthetic needle in the right spot (you'd think it'd make it easier, but I guess not), which resulted in me not being numbed everywhere for some of the procedure. My dentist said most people woud have been gripping to the arms of the chair and writhing. I can boast that I only moaned slightly and let a single tear. Please forgive my boasting, but look at the tooth! The dentist said he'd never seen roots so hooked! It's like a harpoon! He had to cut it into three pieces and break a bit of my jaw bone. Also, 4 stitches. So I earned some boasting.

And to make up for sharing such a gross picture, here is the beautiful sunset I saw while walking home from work yesterday -- a sunset worthy the most pristine beach over the elevated train in Brooklyn:

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