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^^^I am glad HIGNFY tackled it....
They kind of had to - there's a fake HIGNFY transcript doing the rounds which has "Merton" launching into a tirade at Jimmy Savile (the transcript purports to be of an early show with him as a guest) and referring to him as a paedophile.

The tabloids have been having a field day with this - I have no doubt that the allegations against Savile are true (and disgusting if it was covered up), but the hacks have been almost gleeful in their efforts to taint the entire BBC with this one. One might almost think they were using it as revenge for Leveson.

The Sun - with its regular "countdown till she's legal!" topless model/young female celeb themes - presenting itself as the moral crusader against paedophilia is as laughable today as it was when Brass Eye pointed it out a few years back. Let the investigation proceed without all the salacious gossip or backbiting.
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