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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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It does kinda feel like another House. Could be House and Cuddy gone off to investigate. The clothes of Holmes, the music, the prostitutes, the banter between him and Watson reminds me of House.
That's exactly the feel I have of Elementary -- it's House with murders. Yes, I realize that House was Sherlock Holmes with medicine, but House feels more like the template for this show than the Canon. Lucy Liu's Watson seems more like a blend of Wilson and Cuddy than a derivation of the original Watson, while Miller's Holmes reminds me of House in his playful, manic moods.
Sort of my feeling, especially in how Holmes dresses, some sort of T-Shirt (usually a rock band one for house) with a partly buttoned shirt over it and then a suit-jacket over the whole thing. All wrinkled, and then stubble.

The Holmes of the books was very neat and clean, said to have a "cat-like obsession with his appearance" by Watson. The Holmes in "Sherlock" doesn't fit this and much more closely matches House's take on his appearance.

Yes, House was inspired by Sherlock Holmes in numerous ways (over the course of the series, though, his team more took over the "Watson" role, while Wilson just remained House's closest (only) friend. Wilson rarely played in part in House's "investigations.") But House's appearance strikes me as an entirely unique character trait rather than trying to emulate Holmes. Even the RDJ "Holmes" movies somewhat borrow from the "House" model with their take on Holmes being a bit scruffier and less concerned about appearance.

But CBS' Holmes and just overall mannerism strikes me as more "House-like" than Sherlock Holmes like.
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