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Re: *~ Vote: DS9 Avatar Contest 170!!

^ We're destined to rule all Discworlds of Diskuniversum

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That's part of our evil plan
Who are you?

Gul Spook of the Cardassian Guard.

What do you want?

Only what is best for Cardassia.

Why are you here?

This territory is now part of the Cardassian Union.

Where are you going?

To oversee the establishment of my new orbital station. I expect ore quotas to be met on target.
In the name of Legate Damar, Deranged Nasat was eavesdropping! I must execute my sloppy security guards.

Uhm, my station will be built as the last hope for peace. Yes, that's the official version and that's what I'll keep repeating. Yes.
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