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Re: Episode of the Week: Haven

Timo wrote: View Post
Firing at the ship was obviously unnecessary, as the tractor beam could handle the stopping easily enough.
So could firing on the engines. Remember in the Star Trek universe, usually when the engines stop - so does the ship.

Disabling the engines is a one time action. Stopping the ship with a tractor beam requires a ongoing effort, you discontinue the beam and the ship heads again towards the planet.

Tasha's advice involve the least time and effort on the part of the Enterprise.

Jeyl wrote: View Post
Tasha Yar, the character who controls the tractor beam, doesn't consider using the tractor beam. This is the writers making the character act like an idiot ...
Tasha was meant (imho) to sound practical and proactive. Her's was to be the voice action, not diplomacy.

Picard could then be seen to be diplomatic and "let's not rush."

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