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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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"Secret Avengers" is being relaunched. It will feature 616 Agent Coulson along with Nick Fury Jr along with new members.
Clandestine trigger word that "activates" the members and then their mind is wiped. Is Mephisto involved?

*Yawn*, bored already.
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Yeah. I'm not sure why they're using that kind of plot device when Steve Rodgers assembled the first team without any kind of problems keeping them secret (oh so I recall prior to dropping the book). This would seem to put Shield in a bad light as well using this particular technique. I'm too thrilled with this book.

Guy...not sure what you mean, this is in conjunction with Marvel Now.
Yeah, it seems kind of weird to mind wipe the characters at the end of each storyline in an ongoing series. How are you going to get any kind of decent character development, or ongoing relationships if they always forget what happened to them last time they were together?
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