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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Nice, man.

NYCC brought us a few reveals in the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths area. Three more figures for next year were revealed: Red Hood, Captain Marvel Jr., and Huntress. I'm pretty jazzed about these. Huntress has been topping fans' most wanted lists for a very long time. Marvel Jr. rounds out the Marvel family. Red Hood is going to be the Grant Morrison Batman & Robin version though, which is really not the version most people want. It's still a good looking figure, and I'll still be happy to have it, but I wish it were the Under the Red Hood or even the New 52 version.

So, that makes our 2013 lineup so far:

January: Saint Walker
February: Phantom Stranger
March: Elongated Man
April: Larfleeze
May: The Flash (Wally West)
June: Red Hood
July: Captain Marvel Jr.
August: Huntress

Four more left to announce, but so far next year's subscription is kicking this year's ass, and this year has been great!
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