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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

launching that ion pod is NOT part of any study procedures but an emergency procedure to protect the ship according to the episode.
Only according to one interpretation. The other one makes better overall sense.

Finney was in there to take readings, not to prep it for launching.
Only according to one interpretation. The other one makes better overall sense.

Finney needs to go to the pod and get the ion readings going, but he also needs to get out of it before it is jettisoned. Makes perfect sense if the intent all along is to prepare the pod for jettisoning.

Kirk needs to fly the ship in tricky conditions, splitting his attention between dozens of things - so he cannot verbally communicate with all the people involved, but needs to have his hand hovering over mission-critical controls, chief among them the pod deployment button. Instead of warning Finney of launch verbally, he gives a collective warning by signaling alert, as plenty of other things apparently will take place simultaneously in this hectic operation. But launching of the pod is at the very heart of the operation, as evidenced by the fact that a button in Kirk's own console is dedicated to this function. It's not an emergency-related procedure, it's something literally built in to this mission profile.

If it put the ship at such risk as you suggest, Kirk would've simply turned the ship out of the storm and kept the running light-pod attached.
That wouldn't be an option unless the edge of the storm were nearby. And the point of such a "tornado hunting" study would no doubt be to get as deep as one dares.

and just one ion pod.
Are you positive? I mean, what about negative ions?

Really, a big part of why I like the idea of this thing being the ion pod is because it would be logical for the ship to have small auxiliary craft of this sort, launched from chutes (a classic design from the 1950s, both in comics and in the serious engineering studies that the comics were modeled after). Among the things launched from the chute would be repair pods, recorder markers, possibly garbage bags and body bags as well - plus this one ion pod, for the rare once when the ship crosses paths with an interesting ion storm.

I would frankly have been even more thrilled had the round feature next to the pod in TOS-R been another chute, rather than an explicit porthole. But I can live with two chutes and their associated observation ports.

If you want to argue about falling apart at the seams, why not address why Voyager's version of ST6 is different?
Oh, that's trivial - the entire point of the VOY episode was that it was a false dream. It was important that there be excessive, unreal death and suffering in the dream, as this was the established symptom of the disease Tuvok was suffering from.

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