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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Yeah. I'm not sure why they're using that kind of plot device when Steve Rodgers assembled the first team without any kind of problems keeping them secret (oh so I recall prior to dropping the book). This would seem to put Shield in a bad light as well using this particular technique. I'm too thrilled with this book.

Guy...not sure what you mean, this is in conjunction with Marvel Now.
Rogers. R O G E R S. Rogers. No "D"!!!!!!

Well, I guess the mindwipe justifies the "Secret" part of the name. Seeing the Widow sporting a gun bugs me since she has those nifty wrist blasters. Hawkeye's new costume still sucks. Why exactly is Junior wearing Comamander Rogers uniform again? Coulson looks a little more like Coulson than he did in his first appearance. Though he came across and a typical military guy there and not like the guy in the movies. Hopefully they can capture some of the movie Coulson's personality.
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