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Re: Cartoon Network Returning Genre Shows Sat AM

Well, hell.

Much to my annoyance, I discovered some crap in my DVR this morning. According to

Surprisingly and without warning, while comics and geek culture are in the spotlight at New York Comic Con, Cartoon Network has made an abrupt change in their schedule, literally the last minute. According to their posted schedule, they have pulled new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, a.k.a. the DC Nation block, in favor of repeats of Johnny Test and Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon TV show. For those thinking it may due to CN celebrating its anniversary or simply as a short break while Comic Con is happening, well, the same block of cartoons is listed again for next week. Again, there is no sign at all of DC Nation. Several Outhousers are reporting that the DC Nation episodes are still listed on their local cable guide, despite the changes to Cartoon Network's website.
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