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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

Christopher wrote: View Post
And these days original TV movies are pretty much extinct, except for cheap productions on some cable channels.
...and also not so cheap (i.e. actually pretty expensive) TV movies on cable channels. Like HBO's Recount and Game Change and what have you.

skilzkid wrote: View Post
Dexter is about to start Season 7, and that is also starting to get repetitive minusthe huge endings to the even number seasons.
This is true. Dexter really felt like it had run itself into the ground by season six. And this show had seasons which are half the length of any given Trek show. Hence:

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
I think five seasons could be the new magic number for future Trek shows.
We're back to the never-quite-done 'five year mission'.

skilzkid wrote: View Post
I think 13 episodes is too short for a season, especially one with 8 or so characters to develop like a Trek series.
I think it really depends on what kind of show we're talking about. Generally, the more dependent a TV series is on arcs, the more advantageous it is for that show to have a shorter season run.

But if the series still wants to do a lot of the kind of episodic stories Star Trek is best known for then there's a case for a longer season (though one could still do those in a thirteen episode run).

In the case of heavily serialized TV, expanding episode counts can be messy - look at BSG, which was never quite as tight as it was in its first season. There, the sideplots can feel like padding or whatever.
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