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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

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Maybe the VP was not in the whole thing and they both have to give permission for a nuclear launch.
Other than a requirement that the Vice President be briefed on certain matters and the he gets a seat on the National Security Council, the Vice President has as much say over the executive branch as you and I do, unless the President chooses to give him something to do.

In other news:
  • I'm wondering where they'll go with the rapid decline in the crew's morale and acceptance of their current quagmire. Especially now that the COB is out but still not altogether on board
  • Where is the government of this island? If they made that Julius guy the president/generalissimo/governor/mayor/chief I wouldn't even be asking this question. Instead I am just not buying the way they are playing him as the local mafia don in an area where the government no longer exists.
  • I admit that I don't know all that much about Polynesian funeral customs. But I would swear, if I knew better, that instead of doing it right or to make it sound like it wasn't a specific island culture, they just took the words from an All Black Haka* and made it sound more funerary. Please tell me I am wrong.
*For the uninitiated, the All Blacks are New Zealand's national rugby team. The Haka is the war dance they perform before each match.
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