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Re: Top 5 TV theme songs, read the rules before posting.

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I always thought Baywatch had one theme song but it seems like they've had several. Of course there was the main one ("I'll be Ready") but the two from the first season (Strong Enough and Save Me) were great too.
Baywatch had a ton of openings but what's "Strong Enough"?

The first season used only one theme song, "Save Me" by Peter Cetera, for all episodes, seasons 2-9 used "I'll be Ready", season 10 (the first after the show moved to Hawaii) used an instrumental remix of I'll be ready and season 11 had a completely new theme song, I think it's called "Let me be the One"

I like the season 11 opening, of course for the reunion movie the show went back to I'll be ready. Meh, I guess it is the best known opening so it makes sense, I still think one of the hawaiian themes would have been better because the movie was still set in Hawaii.
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