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^^^I am glad HIGNFY tackled it....bit yeah it's simply unbelievable that so many people over so many institutions knew what was going on and nobody did anything about it.......including the media in all its forms.

It's hard to get your head round it's so big.

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Cases like this always bring a whiff of witch-hunt. But I saw this quoted from a comedian's act of 25 years ago:

ĎThere have been serious allegations of child abuse in Cleveland. To my mind there is only one way to find out whether this is true or not and thatís to . . . CALL IN JIMMY SAVILE! You canít afford to f*** about! Bring in an expert! Am I right? A friend of mine reckons Jimmy Savile is a paedophile. Rubbish ó heís a child-bender! Thatís why he does all the f****** charity work: itís to gain public sympathy for when his f****** case comes up.í

I've heard of Sadowitz by reputation but never seen his stuff, though I know he's supposed to have been the Frankie Boyle of his day (if that means anything to non-UK members). My only real insight into this affair is I've moved in media circles and heard these rumours as well as many others. And the talk of sexual harassment by senior figures is nothing new either.
Jerry Sadowitz spoke of saville's death last the clip you just posted about is also up again.........they are both on yt, but because of its content you will have to find them yourself........and just a reminder........Sadowitz makes Boyle look like Frank Carson. be very wary about viewing these clips.

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