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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

The PD's on this show made a horrible decision casting an Australian guy to play an American navy seal and then having his love interest and the person he spends 99% of his time around be Australian. Dude just *CAN NOT* maintain the American accent at all. There were times in this last episode when he was just saying half of his words with an Australian accent and it was pretty noticeable and made you think "Why's this guy sound Australian?"

The one thing I don't get about the aim/goal of the Captain and the crew. They tried to act like the original orders and attack to them were some type of violation of normal because they went through a back channel and didn't use the official network to be broadcast... but then this episode they're talking like the President is the one behind things.

And indeed the first episode says something like because of the President's policy members of the Joint Chiefs had resigned from his administration...but the thing is he's the PRESIDENT. Even if the orders are something you disagree with isn't there still a chain of command here? What's the end-game? Are you going to have a military coup try to force him out? Assassinate him? What?
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