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Re: Star Trek Abridged & Non Filler List

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ETA: If someone *needed* a really short list for some reason, I have a list of 20-odd episodes that follow the progression of the most interesting ideas TO ME in TNG (Data, Q, the Borg, time travel). But it's really best for people to watch it all and decide on their own.
I thought of doing what you suggested and realized it wouldn't be fair. TOS and TNG have the benefit of not having long arcing stories and generally being episode of the week serials. DS9 has the entire Dominon Conflict, Bajoran-Cardassian conflict post Occupation and the Bajoran faith and Prophets woven in to its storyline. You couldn't pick out 20 episodes of DS9 show them to a non fan and expect them to get it. IMO one of the weakness of DS9. So much of it's story surrounds the Dominion War. From the season finale of season 2 to the series finale of Season 7, the Dominion War takes precedence. You also wouldn't be able to explain Sisko's journey as broken Starfleet Officer, to religious figure, to Captain and key figure in the Dominion Conflict, to embraced Emissary to the Prophets, to the revelation that Sisko himself is half prophet, and that Sisko will return after Messianic quest with the prophets is completed. None of that can be done in just 20 episodes. DS9 is a complete piece. You have to watch from season 1 to 7 to fully understand and appreciate it. TOS and TNG you can cherry pick 2 dozen episodes or so and people would get the idea of what each is about. So to be fair to all series' i made a complete list of what I feel is necessary for viewing.

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I do have to ask, how is Menage A Troi at all helpful in understanding Star Trek? It was boring and pretty much pointless, as I recall.
Their filter lists honestly. I added Menage A Troi only because Majel Roddenberry was in it. I think I recommended all the Luxana Troi episodes because Majel was the First Lady of Star Trek and continued the role even after her husband's death. In my list they are homages really.

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