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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

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It looks like they're setting up a Penny/Leonard/Sheldon's new assistant love triangle...erp.
I think it could be interesting. To me it's seemed that Leonard has always been quite insecure about his geekiness. He'll participate thoroughly but when he encounters people who aren't in geek culture he feels ashamed and wants to fit in with them.

Also, Penny has been Leonard's dream girl, but the reverse isn't true. She's never really got into the whole geek aspect, and there's probably a part of him that's always thinking "am I good enough for her?" because he's put her on such a pedestal. This new girl seems to actually 'get' him, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
Which is why this may be a kick in the pants for Penny to get over herself. Leonard is a great guy, he's just not the jock type but a guy who a woman would be lucky to spend the rest of her life with because he's considerate, intelligent and he really tries in the bedroom!

An asshole jock might be pretty and let you explode in the bedroom but there's nothing beyond that and, at least to me, that's not enough for life.

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Didn't they already do an episode where Sheldon had an assistant who was in love with him?
Yes.. they had a grad student in season 1 i think but she was way more of a fangirl than this one and psycho to boot. There was not love but she was more the bossy, controlling kind of woman who took over Sheldon's life for the sake of humanity's future.

As Sheldon is so devoid of any romantic or sexual intention this won' t go anywhere but they quickly switched focus to Penny/Leonard.
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