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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

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If you're going to post something like this at least provide a source. Otherwise this is just another fan rumor thread among dozens.
Sorry Sheldon, I couldn't find a link because I don't know the site mentioned hence asking if anyone could link it.

My suggestion is that you build a bridge and get over it, harden up butter cup.
Did I do something to offend you or are you just randomly a prick to anyone?

You had to have heard of this "PDS" from somewhere, so my asking where is a legit question. If you can't handle that without getting emotional over it, then you really shouldn't be starting a thread for everyone to post on.
Wash your mouth out sweetcheeks; I'm not emotional unlike your increasingly out of control responses after your almost Aspergically inspired first post.

Swallow a concrete pill, and harden up.
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